Victoria Falls as it goes into the first gorge. 

This another view of the falls from a helicopter. Shown is the first large gorge that carries the water away from the falls. There are a few brave souls that try white water rafting in this gorge!  There were no takers on this day. This picture is also availble for sale.


Ngorongoro Crater

Ngorongoro Crater is located in Tanzania. It is labeled as the "8th Wonder Of The World" and is the worlds largest volcanic crater. It is 100 square miles and 2000 feet deep.


The Great Migration 


 Mara RiverT

his is the famous Mara River in southern Kenya. It is the site of the massive migration of wildebeest and zebra into the Serengeti of Tanzania immediately south of the river. It is difficult to see them but there are hundreds of crocodile in the river awaiting the migration. I waited for some time as the wildebeest were staging just few hundred yards away but they decided not today!

 Wildebeest Staging For Migration

These are the nearby wildebeests that are gathering to migrate into Tanzania from Kenya.

Hesitant to Jump

The leader is checking the water looking for crocodiles.

The First to Jump!

He decides to jump. The others will follow his lead.

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