Standard Matted Prints:  (tradtional style): READY TO SHIP

Images are printed, matted and mounted on high quality paper mats .I use quality Alpha mats. These mats are of archivalable, acid free, quality material. All mats are cut with bevel-cut edges. The sizes listed are always the glass size - not the outside dimensions of the frame. This is the standard way that frame sizes are compared. Backing boards are also of archivable, acid free, quality material. These are ready to place into a frame. These sizes are made for readily availble frames.

(Special order sizes are also available by special request to me by email: jirwin.33@gmail .com.

Let me know the exact size you need and I will get you a quote. I can print almost any size.)

Special request options:

1. Laminated Prints : Professional high quality laminants on mat board: CUSTOM PREPARED IN A FEW DAYS*

The process:  I  have printed image custom-laminated by Schillers Photography on mat board ready to frame. NO G LASS covering is needed since they are protected by a thin layer plastic that is hot pressed onto the surface of the print. This layer provides UV light resistance, scratch and moisture protection. This allows for image to be directly installed into a frame and ready to hang on wall. Available in color or black and white.

2 Metal or Acrylic Prints: Professional high quality. CUSTOM PREPARED. Inquire as to timing. 

The process: I have image printed on metal by an outside company. These are neatly edged to be approximately 3/4 inch thick. They are U/V light resistant, scratch and moisture resistant. These are ready to hang on wall. There is no frame needed. Available in color or black and white.

3. Brushed AluminumProfessional high quality. COSTOM PREPARED. Inquire as to timing.

This is my favorite style for certain images. The image is printed on a sheet of  brushed aluminum, then cured and coated with clear sealant. It must be a black and white image. I prefer it to be an image that does not extend to the edges to give it greater impact. 

*PLEASE NOTE: Laminanted prints, metal  prints and brushed aluminum prints are only available by special request by contacting me through email: I will then provide an exact quote as to the final charge and expected delivery time.

Frames offered: Please contact by email for ordering framed items.

I curently stock over 250 framed images in various sizes of high quality wooden frames. 

Quality Wooden Frames

These frames are constructed of high quality hard woods and purchased from a US company. Image displayed can be one of the folowing:

1) Standard style with a mat and covered by standard glass or UV acrylic "glass." 

2) No mat style with the image covered by standard glass or UV acrylic "glass." 

ALSO available:

3) Laminated style with no glass or acrylic covering needed! These are my newest style.  (Images are professionally hot-press laminated and can be installed directly into frame. They are lite-weight, non-glare, scratch resistant.)

11 x 14 Wood frame                                       $90 completee

14 x 18 Wood frame                                       $115 complete

16 x 16 Wood frame                                      $115 complete

16 x 20 Wood frame                                      $145 complete

18 x 24 Wood frame                                      $165 complete

20 x 24  Wood frame                                     $175 complete

Custom sizes are available. Email me and I will get a price. 









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