topSafari Photography Gear

 I pack a tight back. You must take what you will need but think ahead about the lenses, camera bodies, flashes and other accessories (chargers, cords, international electric plugs) that you will need. Take only what you will need and make a list of all equipment and take along copies of invoices to prove ownership of major items.  Always check (travel agent and airlines involved) ahead of time as to what weight limitations you might have and pack accordingly. Always carry your primary camera equipment on board!  Trust no one else with your camera equipment. You can get travel insurance but it will do you little good once arriving in Africa and your trip will be wasted. You should check only your monopod or tripod as security screening may object to such items.

I carry at least 2 camera bodies (usually a Canon 1D and  5D) and perhaps a smaller point and shoot for fun stuff. Lenses that I think are a must are a large, prime telephoto lens such as a 500mm or 400mm. I also take  a zoom telephoto lens such as 100-400mm zoom and a shorter lens such as a 28--70mm and perhaps a wide angle. But again it always carry your equipment - never check it.  I also recommend taking a bean bag (not shown) to support camera and lens on window ledges.
 Below are the lenses that I carry in my bag:
                                                                                          500 or 600 mm f/4 lens with Image stabilization         OR          400 mm f/4 lens with image stabilization
                                                                                           (FIRST CHOICE ...but is heavy)                                                      (SECOND CHOICE...much lighter)
                                                                                                             24-70 mm zoom with image stabilization         24-105 mm (Alternate choice)   


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